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Fleet Movement Stands

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  • 4th Edition Twilight Imperium sample
  • 4th Edition Twilight Imperium sample
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  • 3rd Edition Twilight Imperium sample
  • Eclipse board game
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We recommend #33 glue for all LITKO multi-part markers.

Product Description

Set of 3 Movement Stands:

The Fleet Movement Stands are designed for use with a variety of outer space related board, and miniatures, games such as the *Twilight Imperium™ board game by Fantasy Flight Games. These clear acrylic stands look awesome and allow you to see thru the stand to the board below.  Functionally, they allow you to quickly move your space fleets around the board which saves time.  Furthermore, they organize and differentiate your units so you can easily identify what game pieces are in space, and what units are on planets.  The peg legs are held into place with small rubber "o" rings which means there is no glue needed, and they can disassembled after each use for storage in the original game box!

Set of 3 movement stands
Compatible with the Twilight Imperium 3 and now 4!* board game
Compatible with the Eclipse* board game
1.5 inch height elevation pegs 
Can be disassembled for store and travel

*LITKO Fleet Movement Stand sets are designed for use with miniatures games, and the Twilight Imperium 3 and version 4 board game by Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc., LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. and they do not endorse these products.

*Eclipse board game, published by Asmodee North America, LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Asmodee North America, and they do not endorse these products.

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Write your own product review

Product Reviews

  1. Can also be used for Burning Suns!

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2017

    Can also be used for Burning Suns!

    Production quality is fine now. I purchased three packs and the legs fit all nine stands just fine without having to hammer them. Just a slight wobble when standing upright, but nothing that will make them fall over.

    A little prep work to put them together before the game, otherwise they pack away really well.

  2. Leg Sizing Issues

    Posted by Steve on 15th Mar 2017

    I ended up with two sets; one created recently and an older set. The older set legs did not fit and the newer set legs were so loose, the wobbled and sat at a 10-20 degree angle. Swapping the legs actually netted me a snug fit for both.

    These are great additions. However, I would not recommend these until they get this sizing figured out.

  3. Wanted to love these, dissapointing production quality

    Posted by Dux on 1st Dec 2016

    I have bought 4 of these packs, so 12 stands in total. They look awesome, and really help. However 3 of the sets had legs so tight to fit, I had to use a small tacking hammer to tap them in, and this caused a crack on one corner of one stand :( the other set of stands, the legs are so loose, that even with the rubber bands holding them in place, they are pretty wobbly. I realised it seemed the legs were smaller rather than the holes bigger, so I switched it all around, and have managed 9 good stands out of 12. They're all useable, but not the finished effect I hoped for....

  4. I love my fleet stands

    Posted by Matloc on 28th Sep 2014

    They make the board look so much better and its a helpful way to manage large fleets.

  5. Handy to use!

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Apr 2013

    Our game group uses these for our games of Eclipse. Very handy to prevent confusion from hex clutter! I may have to get my own but get the customized ones for the extra bling.

  6. Great stands, not perfectly sturdy

    Posted by Benjamin Nicholson on 29th Sep 2012

    These are nice stands for moving a large number of ships around. Now you may have issues when you a lot of ships..but I think you could stack these if you really needed to!

    The no glue part is nice, but they aren't super quick to be put together. This is expected. They will be packed easy.

    I think an issue with these is that they kind of wobble a little bit

  7. Fantastic product!

    Posted by David on 27th Mar 2012

    I used these in two games of TI3 this last weekend at a gaming convention. Not only were they great on the table, I had people dropping by the tables asking where I got them constantly.

    I have a total of 21 of these now, and am planning on picking up at least 5 more packs as we were running low towards the end.

  8. Great idea... would recommend.

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Mar 2012

    I ordered 9 of these.

    They work trully great in any TI3 game and are a nice addition.

    I had a problem with 8 of the 27 pegs received (3 for each hex). They were too large to fit in the holes on the hexes.
    I had to "drill" the holes a little bigger to make the pegs fit, and one of the hexes cracked near the peg hole as a result and had to be glued.

    Outside this issue, they really work within the game.

  9. Worth the money

    Posted by Jeremey on 2nd Jul 2011

    The Fleet Movement Stands are great for keeping the TI board from being cluttered. They also solve the confusion of whether ground units are in space on Carriers or on the planet. They are easy to assemble for game play and then easy to break-down for storage.

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