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Mech destroyed!

Enjoy some fun images from our mech-themed line of products.














New Explosive Damage Tokens, Numbered 1 through 5

New Explosive Damage Tokens, Numbered 1 through 5.

Explosive damage tokens by LITKO

One the move... new Dust Cloud Markers!

Track your tank movement in style with these dust cloud markers. Simply place multiple cloud markers for faster speeds.

Tanks dust cload markers by LITKO

LITKO Horde Tray Example with AoS Figures

Bloodbound warriors on 32mm bases on a LITKO 5 man Horde Tray. Great for moving loosely organized groups of figures. http://buff.ly/2ff1rbI

LITKO Horde Tray

Keeping track of wounds and casualties in your game.

Need to track wounds and/or casualties in your game? We have some options... http://buff.ly/2eVxfDD

Tabletop Game Wound Tracking from LITKO

New! FREE Domestic Shipping on Orders Over $100


LITKO is now offering FREE domestic shipping on any order over $100. Your parcel will ship via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground at our option.


This offer is open to both consumers and our retail partners (distributors have a different threshold).


Please contact us if you have questions.

Use Customized Swag to Help Promote Your Brand Image in the Game Industry


How do you promote your brand name widely for low cost? Are you already attending an event far from home? Use that opportunity! Pens, flashlights and bags can be gotten for low cost, but are easily forgotten and thrown away... along with your brand awareness.

An easy alternative is to use customized event, brand or game-specific swag as prizes or promos. Take them to the next trade show and gather customer contact info when they sign up to win that free item. Make it easy for your customers to add themselves to your mailing list while also giving them a chance at a free item that nobody else can provide.

Lower cost solutions can be used as giveaways with your contact info or limited time coupon directly on them. Make them useful! For example... use a double sided token with contact/coupon information on one side and 'GOAL' or 'OBJECTIVE' on the other.

Potential customers like freebies, but nothing gets attention like a freebie that is limited edition or one of a kind.


LITKO manufactures game tokens, miniature bases and other accessories in Valparaiso, Indiana and can customize the color, image, and engraving on our dice towers and many other products. Contact us today.

Tips for successful custom game tokens... Tip #4

Tips for successful custom game tokens...


Tip #4...  Get a prototype!

What is acceptable? The best way to gauge whether the color or shape of a token is the right one is to get one in your hands. Are the corners too sharp? Is it too small? Is the color slightly off from the color sample ring itself? These things happen.

Clarify the final deliverable and be sure both sides have a clear expectation of the final product to come.

Spending $50 or $100 to get a prototype in hand prior to a production run of thousands of sets is priceless.



Tips for successful custom game tokens... Tip #3

Tips for successful custom game tokens...


Tip #3...  Collaborate!

One sided product development does not often lead to an optimal result. LITKO has the process, material and market knowledge to help make your design better. Let us help you.

It helps to start designing your tokens and templates with clear intentions. How are they being used? What is their purpose in the game? Do you have an awesome token designed that has no clearly defined purpose in the game. Hmmm...

We want your input as much as we hope you want ours.



Tips for successful custom game tokens... Tip #2

Tips for successful custom game tokens...


Tip #2...  Create clearly defined deliverables!

We both (customer and LITKO) need to know what, how, and when we are supposed to provide the product to you. One thousand 10-packs of tokens are very different from a box of 10,000 tokens. Are we shipping this to you or your business partner?

Poor: "I need these shipped by June."

Better: "I need to have these in hand by June 15th at my partner's warehouse at 123 street in Pensacola, FL 12345. His number is 123-456-7890 if you need to contact him."