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Base Thickness Discussion

Base Thickness Differences:litko-fow-bases.jpg

There are three basic thicknesses of LITKO wood bases:

3mm – or 1/8th inch:

  • This is the most common base..
  • Pros: Easy to grip even with fat fingers. Gives miniatures a heavier “Chess Piece” type of feel. Impressive on the battlefield.
  • Cons: Those that are looking for more of a diorama look, these may be too thick and pronounced.

1.6mm – or 1/16th inch:

  • Blends in with the landscape, yet gives you just enough thickness to pick the figure up.
  • Pros: Not as pronounced as the 3mm and blends in with the landscape more easily.
  • Cons: Harder to pick up then the 3mm, and still defines the base of the figure for some hardcore modelers.

 .8mm – or 1/32nd inch:

  • This thickness still holds the miniature well, yet when flocked and finished blends very well into the terrain surface, such that it almost appears the miniature is traversing the table with no base at all.
  • Pros: Blends well.
  • Cons: Because it is very thin players may grasp the miniature rather than picking it up by the base.

All three base types take glue very well, paint, stain etc. and are warp resistant.