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Enhanced Etching For Tokens

Enhanced Etching:

The vibrance of etched writing on tokens and markers can vary depending on the color and type of acrylic being used.  The "Frosting," or boldness, of the writing sometimes needs to be enhanced in order to read the token from across the table.  This can be done at home with the use of a white crayon.  

How To Do It:

Simply purchase crayons from about any retailer that carries school supply products.  Simply color over the etching with a smooth side-to-side rubbing of the crayon across the etched surface.  The white crayon material should quickly fill in the recessed etched surface making for a more robust color contrast with the acrylic- thereby making it easier to read.  Wipe the excess wax and smudge marks from the crayon off the acrylic with a clean cloth.  Repeat as needed to as many tokens as you need to enhance.