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Magnets, Flex Steel, & Movement Trays

Utilize a system of sturdy wood bases, magnetic base bottoms, and metallic flex steel holders to keep figures from sliding, falling, and getting into other mischief.

For many miniature wargamers figure base mounting, storage and logistics of miniatures is a challenge.  Many figures means lots of time to move them all, be it from storage to the game table, or around the table once the game has begun.  Also, while storing the figures, how does one keep the figures from getting jostled all together causing accessories to break off, or harming the detailed paint jobs that took many hours of eye squinting, and brush strokes, to complete.

How To Do It:


Litko makes 3mm, 1.6mm, and .8mm wood bases to accommodate the thickness of base you need for your figures.  Precise, consistent, and a wide variety of sizes and shapes can accommodate most any gamer's needs.

Magnetic Bottoms:

Litko offers two thicknesses of magnetic base bottoms... .020 inch and .030 inch.  They are cut to accommodate just about any size, or shape of wood base that we make, or they can also come in sheets.  Simply peel off the protective paper of the adhesive back and align it with the figures base and squeeze. Done.  

Flex Steel:

Flex steel looks exactly like its magnetic counterparts (Which often causes problems for customers to ID what they have...more on this in a moment), however, flex steel is what you need to have the magnetic bottoms hold in place properly.  Flex steel is available in the same exact configurations as our magnetic products.  The flex steel has an adhesive back and applies just like the magnets. (Now, how to tell if a base bottom is flex steel, or magnet given they look alike?  Simply hold the product up to a metal surface – such as a refrigerator.  If it sticks...magnet, and if not -flex steel.) 

Movement Trays:

gmt-20mm-rnd-skirm-finished2-miva.jpgThere are several types of movement trays depending on what you wish to accomplish.  There are trays that are flat squares, or rectangles with a lip around the perimeter that one can line the flooring of it with a sheet of Flex Steel.  One can also get skirmish trays, rank trays, hordes trays and more.  The skirmish types of trays have two layers with holes cut out in an upper portion the same size as the bases the figures are mounted upon.  There is another lower layer that is a solid piece of wood the entire size of the tray that the base of the figure actually rests upon.  This creates a “Well”  which helps to hold each figure securely from sliding side- to- side.  To keep the figures from falling out when the tray is turned on its edge 90 degrees, or even upside down (when using the heavy duty magnets) Simply line the floor of each well with a flex steel base bottom that matches the exact shape of the magnetic base bottom and corresponding movement tray hole.   The results are awesome!  Of course you can reverse the whole process and have magnets on the bottom and flex steel on the top...your choice.