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Designing Tokens for Gaming

Posted on 19th Dec 2012 @ 11:44 AM

full-stop.jpgDesigning tokens for gaming??? Here's a small list of considerations... some are obvious, some are not.

  1. Choose a color and shape that is representative of the function of the token. Of course there is an exception!...
  2. Use the same color/shape combo for multiple commands that need to be placed FACE DOWN during a turn. That way your opponent cannot memorize what they are.
  3. Use opaque (non-see-through) colors for these "reveal" tokens rather than transparent or translucent colors.
  4. Transparent and translucent colors make the laser-engraved text easier to see and a little more three-dimensional (more so for transparent).
  5. Fluorescent colors are appropriate when you really want your tokens to be easy to see or fit the theme of the game (space gaming using fluorescent green for example).

Can you think of anything else?

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